2018 PNWK9 Conference




The below information is from 2017 Conference and is there for reference. Updates for 2018 will be forth coming. Check again in November/December. Hope to see you there!


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Day 1
Membership Meeting
K9 Behavior
Presented by Cynthia Otto – Veterinarian and K9 Behaviorist.

Dr. Otto is the founding director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, a national research, training and education center for detection dogs. The PVWDC has raised and trained over 50 dogs that are currently working around the country in detection fields including narcotics, explosives, search and rescue, bed bugs, arson and medical detection. In addition, several of the graduates are dual trained law enforcement canines. The PVWDC collects data on the dogs at the center and performs research with support of government agencies, industry and foundations. Dr. Otto will highlight some of the research that supports ways to improve the health and performance of your working canine. Police canines are true athletes; therefore, we need to consider what steps we can utilize to keep them fit and help with injury prevention or injury recovery. Dr. Otto will highlight some of the tools you can use to keep your canine in top working form. Not only does their body need to be fit, but their nose needs to be functioning. Dr. Otto will provide some of the data to support potential causes of decreased olfactory function. Hydration strategies and data from a study performed with Customs and Border Patrol will also be discussed.


Day 2
Practical Sites
Emotional Body Armor
Presented by Sean Riley, DDKS

This class will
identify those issues that manifest while working on the front lines of a demanding career that can lead to many issues regarding (but not limited to) trauma, relationships, finances, mental health and substance abuse matters that can result in the loss of relationships, jobs and eventually their life.


Day 3
Practical Sites
Narco Officer Safety: Avoiding a Chemical Bullet
Presented by Devin Chase

This course will cover one of the most dangerous aspects of narcotic enforcement is dealing with unknowns.  Over the last decade the proliferation of synthetic drugs, manufacturing and distribution has created extreme hazards for officers. If you cannot “recognize a hazard, you can’t protect yourself”

This training class is designed for all public safety professionals who contact subjects, enter residences (i.e. search warrants, probation checks) and conduct investigations.  This course will also address specific hazards associated with manufacturing controlled substances (i.e fentanyl, counterfeit tablets). The course primarily addresses officer safety and hazard assessment. Do not allow yourself to be taken out by a “Chemical Bullet”

Topics Covered Include:

  • Officer Safety
  • Mexico
  • Smuggling Trends
  • Ice Recovery/BHO
  • Fentanyl Laced Heroin/Carfentanil
  • Synthetic Manufacturing/Counterfeit Tablets


Day 4
Practical Sites
Opiates/Fentanyl and Drug Identification/Influence Recognition
Presented by Robert Pennal

This class will develop and enhance the student’s skills and knowledge about Drug Influence Recognition with specific emphasis on the reemerging Heroin and Opiate epidemic that is sweeping our country.

This course is designed to provide the student with an in-depth look at the source, cultivation, distribution and sales of Heroin and the other Opiates; including prescription medications, fentanyl and Internet available synthetic opiates. Students will be provided with information about how to conduct Heroin sales investigations, how to provide expert testimony; documenting signs of influence, and how to testify regarding influence.



Day 5