Section A

The name of the Association shall be the “Pacific Northwest Police Detection Dog Association” hereinafter referred to as the “Association’.

The term Pacific Northwest shall refer to the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and the Province of British Columbia.


The purpose of the association is to educate, train, promote, and increase the knowledge and standards of police detection canines throughout the Pacific Northwest. Further, to support and organize certification tests for detection canine teams, to provide for a standard of certification and to enhance in all aspects, the use and deployment of detection canines-regardless of training philosophies. In addition, to provide ongoing support services for detection canine handlers and units.

Section A: Membership
There shall be four categories of membership: LIFE-CHARTER, REGULAR, ASSOCIATE AND HONORARY. All memberships are the sole and exclusive property of association and may be suspended and/or revoked ‘for cause” by the Board of Directors.

A LIFE/CHARTER member is defined as any of the 10 original founding members of association, and as such, they shall be entitled to lifetime rights and benefits as defined in these BY-LAWS of this Association, as long as they remain members in good standing.

A REGULAR membership shall be open to all persons who are sworn Federal, State, County, or Municipal law enforcement officers. This category shall also include any officers for a foreign jurisdiction. Person/s applying for a regular membership must be fully commissioned law enforcement officer/s. In order for any Regular member to be nominated or hold a position on the Board of Directors, that member must be a sworn law enforcement officer of a member state or appointed by the Board of Directors.

An ASSOCIATE membership shall be open to those who are:

(a) Private trainers and vendors who train narcotic detection canines for law enforcement agencies;

(b) Military, Correctional officers who handle, train, Narcotic Detection Canines as their assigned duties.

(c) Civilian detection dog handlers who are gainfully employed by a recognized private Security Company who have met the requirements established by the executive board. Membership fee to be established by executive board.

Sponsored by a member of Association Board of Directors and who does not otherwise meet membership criteria.

Retired Police Officers, who have previously handled / trained detection canines.

ALL ASSOCIATE members must also meet any additional and/or supplemental membership requirements deemed necessary and/or appropriate by Association membership committee and/or the Board of Directors. An ASSOCIATE member shall not have the right to vote nor hold any appointed or elected position on the Board of Directors. An ASSOCIATE member cannot evaluate, certify or conduct training during sessions so designated and overseen by the association, unless under the direction of an association Trainer / official. ASSOCIATE members will not be allowed to attend those seminar classes that are confidential in nature and only open to sworn law enforcement officers.

An HONORARY membership shall be open to those persons and other entities, who, upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors, are deemed to have outstanding contributions to the goals and purposes of the Association.


Every applicant for membership, other than HONORARY, shall apply for membership on a form approved by the Membership Committee.

ALL REGULAR memberships shall be deemed to be accepted upon submission of membership application if all necessary requirements are complete at the time of submission.

Each ASSOCIATE membership application shall be reviewed by the Membership Committee and either rejected or sent on to the Board of Directors with a recommendation for acceptance or further review.


LIFE/CHARTER members shall have one vote for each matter under consideration by the membership, or the Board.

When necessary, each REGULAR member shall have one vote for each matter under consideration by membership.

No other voting rights are either expressed or implied for any other type of membership category.

Voting sessions will be open to voting members only.


Any member may resign by filing with the Secretary, a written declaration of intent to resign.

Any membership will lapse if any member’s dues are not paid within thirty days of the first day of the calendar year.

Any membership, terminated for non-payment of dues, may be reinstated, with no loss of privileges, provided said dues are paid in full within sixty days from the date they were due.

Any membership may be terminated upon recommendation of the Membership Committee and vote of the Board of Directors.

Section A

Any person or company whose application for membership is accepted by Association shall, as a condition of membership, agree to abide by, and consent to, these By-Laws and all Policies and Procedures, Rules and Regulations currently enacted, or to be enacted in the future.

Section B

No member will act in a manner prejudicial to the Association or against the best interests of the Association.

No member will knowingly falsify any record or document in connection with the certification or sale of a dog. In any exhibition or training workshop, no member will conduct him / herself otherwise than in accordance with the highest traditions and standards of fair-play and good sportsmanship.


Grounds for disciplinary action will result from any of the following:

Any conduct detrimental to the objectives or interests of the Association, including any violation of the herein referenced By-Laws, Policies, Procedures or Rules and Regulations of Association.

Any member may notify the Board of Directors, in the form of a confidential writing, of any conduct, by any member, detrimental to the objectives or interests of the Association.

A Hearing Board, consisting of the Board of Directors or their designee/s will investigate any allegations made and take whatever action is deemed appropriate in lieu of the circumstances.

Section A

The Board of Directors shall determine, one per year, the annual dues payable to the Association by its members. There will be no pro-rata of dues.

Dues will be payable in advance, on the first day of January. New members shall pay their dues upon acceptance of their membership.

Life-Charter members shall be exempt from paying dues or any other monetary fee otherwise mandated during their membership in the Association.

Regular members shall pay annual membership dues of $50.00, US funds. Associate members who are private trainers / vendors shall pay an annual membership fee of $100.00. Associate members who are Military or Correctional canine handlers shall pay an annual membership fee of $50.00.

Section A

An annual training workshop-meeting, for the purpose of conducting corporate business, will be held once a year, the place and time to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section B

Regular meetings shall be scheduled from time to time for the purpose of training and conducting corporate business. These meetings will be called by the Board of Directors. The place and time of these meetings will be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section C: Agenda

Order of Business

(a) Roll Call

(b) Introduction of new members and guests; (c) Reading of minutes and correspondence

(d) Reports of officers and committees

(e) Unfinished business

(f) Elections

(g) New business

(h) Dog training

All order of business, not otherwise provided for in these by-laws, shall be governed by the procedures set forth in ‘ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER”.

Section D

Advance notice, stating the place and hour of any meeting of the membership, shall be distributed to each member prior to the date of said meeting. Such notice will state the purpose of the meeting.

Section E

Two-thirds of the voting members and/or when appropriate, two-thirds of the Board, shall constitute a quorum. For voting purposes, voting members must be present to vote. Votes by proxy and/or by absentee ballot will not be permitted except by LIFE / CHARTER members.

Section A: Board of Directors composition

The Board of Directors will be comprised of the following:

President Emeritus


Vice President – USA

Vice President – International


Section B: Duties of Directors

The governing body of the Association shall be the Board of Directors. No officer, director, or member serving on a committee as such shall receive any salary or compensation for services rendered to the Association.  However, Officers, Directors, and / or members may be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses incurred reasonably and necessarily in conducting the affairs of the Association.

 Section C: Officers


The President Emeritus provides leadership and guidance to the executive board of directors.  In particular, mentors the executive president in proceedings of the Association.     Provides a historical perspective in the decision making process.

Qualifications:   Founding President of Association.      Term of Office:  Lifetime.

Duties: Provides guidance to the President to assure continuity of executive board activities and program development in matters of the association.  Provides counsel to the executive board of directors in prioritizing Association needs to reflect the mission, goals and objectives of the association. Participates in executive board of directors meetings and conference calls as a non- voting member. Entitled right: The President Emeritus in recognition for past service to the association shall receive the following benefits.   All related expenses to attend association conferences, meetings and association business related meetings shall be reimbursed in full.  These expenses will cover but not limited to; travel, lodging, meals and other related expenses. Such expenses shall not exceed established Federal per diem rates. This entitled right is considered final and not subject to change.                                


The President shall be the executive officer of the Association and shall supervise the business affairs of the Association. It shall be the duty of the President to call and preside at all regular and special meetings. The President shall see that the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations are respected and obeyed. The President shall, from time to time as is necessary, appoint all committees and may designate their Chairperson. The President shall appoint pro-tempore officers in the event of absences. The President shall perform such other duties as are usual and incidental to the office of the President. The President is a member ex-officio of all committees.


The role of the Past President is to ensure continuity during governance transitions and organizational change, to help ensure the appropriate succession of Officers and Directors, to support the President in his/her role, and to provide continuity to the organization by providing historical context for issues. Entitled right: The past president in recognition for past service to the association shall receive the following benefits: All related expenses to attend association conferences, providing the past president participates in conference training activities at the direction of the presiding president. The Past President position shall have no voting authority within the executive body and shall be an advisory role only.


The Vice-President (2) shall actively assist and support the President in the performance of all presidential duties, and shall be the President pro-tempore in the absence of the President, during which time the Vice-President shall assume all duties and responsibilities of that office. The Vice-President shall act as liaison between the President and Chairpersons of committees. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President during elective term, the Vice-President shall succeed to that office.

The Vice President with the longest tenure will serve as President pro tem should the need arrive.


It shall be the duty of the secretary to accurately record the proceedings at meetings, read the minutes of previous meetings and all communications. The Secretary shall call the roll of Officers and note absentees. The Secretary shall communicate and correspond with all persons and Associations both within and outside the Association relative to Executive level business.


It shall be the duty of Treasurer to collect all monies due this Association, giving receipt thereof The Treasurer shall keep a suitable set of books of record of same. The Treasurer shall deposit all monies of this Association in a bank designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall render statements in detail at each meeting of the Association, showing receipts and disbursements in full to date, and the monies in the Treasury. The Treasurer shall, as is necessary, draw all checks and other obligations. The account books as well as all papers in the care, custody and control of the Treasurer shall be open for inspection and examination by the Board of Directors.

Section D: TERMS

Appointment to the Board of Directors:

Membership on the Board of Directors shall be a permanent appointment. Vacancies which occur in any of the Association’s offices or positions on the Board of Directors, through retirement, resignation, death, or impeachment, shall be filled by appointments made by the Board of Directors.

When necessary, any member of the Board of Directors may nominate a Life- Charter or Regular member currently in good standing, for appointment to the Board of Directors.

All nominations will be reported to the Secretary, in writing, with acceptance from the nominee, at least sixty days prior to the appointment being made. The nominated candidate receiving the greater number of votes shall be declared elected.

PROBATIONARY TIME PERIOD:  All newly appointed board of director members shall be subject to a three year probationary period during which time their performance will be subject to review at any time, by permanent board of director members.  During this time, newly appointed board of directors may be removed for cause by a unanimous vote of permanent board members. The President Emeritus is exempt from this requirement.


Section E

A quorum shall be two-thirds of the Board of Directors. The nominated candidate receiving the greater number of votes shall be declared elected. A vote of a quorum of the Board of Directors shall act as vote for the membership in total.

Section F

Except as otherwise indicated in these By-Laws, No associate member shall ever be eligible for any position on the Board of Directors. Any act of the majority of the Directors shall be the act of the total Board, provided a quorum is present. Any vacancy on the Board of Directors shall be filled, by appointment, by the Board, for the remainder of the term of the vacant office.

Section A

Committees may be appointed, from time to time, to further the work of the Association. These committees shall be appointed and supervised by the President or the Board of Directors, and will conduct themselves in accordance with ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’.
There shall be the following standing committees:

  1. Executive
  2. Membership / Fund raising.
  3. Training

The board may authorize any officer or agent of the Association to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of, or on behalf of the Association.

Section A

The Board shall provide for the issuance of identification cards or badges which identify members of the Association.

Section B

The Fiscal year of the Association shall begin on the first day of January and shall end with the last day of December of each year.

Section C

The By-Laws of the Association may only be amended, repealed, or added to, by an affirmative unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.

Section D

The Association may be dissolved by unanimous approval of the Board of Directors.